Sunday, January 08, 2012

Unmatched Game 2012

As I took this final picture of the pair of Movember Mystery Socks, which finished this morning, I immediately realized that the two skeins of one-of-a-kind Lorna’s Laces sock yarn were each one-of-a-kind. Although they use the same colors, one of them definitely has more of a darker shade to it. They’re not the same color at all. It wasn’t noticeable at all until fabric was knit up from the two skeins. Kind of maddening. But then again, it’s only noticeable in bright natural light, so I’m just going to ignore it. I don’t think anyone will notice, especially when they’re on my feet and in side a pair of shoes.

Give this free pattern a try. It’s very clear, and the instructions are both charted and written out, depending on your preference. I usually prefer charts, but I found that I switched back and forth – I found the charts easier for the leg, but switched to the longer written instructions for the patterning across the top of the foot. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I really like how the little ogee motifs grow out of the ribbing. Integrating the ribbing at the top into the pattern is a very clever design move. There are a few holes created by an increase that makes three stitches out of one in several places, but they don’t bother me too much.

I was finally able to order some yarn for the Christmas balls. I had planned to get started on that weeks ago, so that year-long project is already several weeks off schedule. At the same time, I ordered some blue yarn for a sweater for me based on a Staci Perry design. I can’t wait to get started on both! Stay tuned for pictures and details…


  1. So sorry about the color snafu, but I would do exactly as you have decided. If you wear them with flair, no one will be the wiser. I think they look great.

  2. I can't tell really. But you can always think of them as power socks--you can wear them to boring meetings with powerful people and think "You have no idea what a rebel I am. I am wearing *2* different socks."