Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Down, 54 To Go

The yarn for my Christmas ball project finally arrived, and I got started yesterday. Today, I have my first one finished. A little behind schedule, but I’m happy that I’ve begun.

Arne & Carlos, in their book, suggest gluing what they term crystals on to some of the designs to give them a bit of sparkle. I can’t imagine anything glued to knitting actually staying. Also, this looked a bit like bedazzling to me, and I wanted something classier. I’d run across a technique for adding beads to knitting using a crochet hook, so I decided to do that. Thing is, I don’t know squat about beads.

Luckily, Donna, a friend and work colleague, does know about beads. So we went shopping yesterday afternoon at Nomadic Notions and got some very nice glass Czech beads in red, clear/silver and gold. I have some very tiny crochet hooks that once belonged to my great-grandmother and were given to me by my aunt, and they’re doing just the trick. Some of the beads’ holes are too small for the hook, but I have enough beads that this shouldn't be a problem. In any case, I’ve been pleased with the results so far.

I used some acrylic stuffing for the balls, although Arne & Carlos call for using wool batting. They claim that it makes for a more uniform filling. I did have a few lumps and bumps in this one, so I might try that. Also, my crochet chain for the loop at the top is twisting in on itself. Do any crocheters know what this means? Wrong hook size? Do I need to go up or down in size? Not a problem when it’s actually hanging from a bough, I imagine, but it would be nice to know.

I’m going to start another one right now.


  1. Chain loops like to do that. You could block it, or you could go up one hook size and see if that helps.

  2. I know that crochet twists the yarn the opposite way than knitting does (spinners sometimes spin it specifically for crochet) - that might contribute to your lively loop. Blast it with your steamer gizmo. That might help! I'm impressed you have those tiny hooks. Do you have anything your great-grandmother made?

  3. Nomadic Notions! There used to be one in San Antonio, too, but I just googled it, and it seems to have closed. It was a very cool place!

    And yay for beading with a teeny crochet hook -- that's the only way I've ever beaded.

    (My verification word is bacto....)

  4. SOOO GLAD YOU DECIDED NOT TO GLUE! Which ever way you decide to go with the beading will be wonderful I'm sure.

  5. Very elegant indeed! Love the color combo, of course. :)