Saturday, July 09, 2011

Perfect Fourth

Not much to report knitting-wise this week. In between reading classic science fiction, preparing for an upcoming trip, and working on de-cluttering the office, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few moments of knitting on the Twill Stitch Placemats.

This week, I managed to crank out two more. Placemats seem to be the “it” project in these parts. Check out the nice granny circle placemats that Meg is making. Nice – nobody takes better pictures of her craftiness than Meg. And those colors she picked for the edges are perfect. They remind me of a set of anodized aluminum tumblers my grandmother used to have.

Back to my vivid brown masterpieces. I have four complete, two in each color. I’m trying for eight, at which point, I’ll need to get a card table, pick up some canapĂ© recipes, and learn how to play contract bridge.


  1. I think we both know who could help with bridge lessons!

    You may also need Brach's bridge mix, party nuts, and an insulated ice jug. At least, that's what I remember from my parents' bridge nights in the 70s.

  2. Very pretty!! My grandmother had a set of those tumblers too. Must have been The Thing at the time.

  3. I remember those tumblers. Drinks seemed colder in them than the other "glasses" in the house.


  4. What classic scifi are you reading? Uncle C

  5. I would like to knit those placemats, for Christmas presents. Where can I find that pattern? Please let me know. My email address is
    Thanks. :-)