Sunday, February 06, 2011

Snow Day

On Friday, we enjoyed a rare thing here in central Texas – a snow day! The snow wasn’t really a hazard (although that’s enough to make most people around here freak out), but before the snow fell, we got a nice glazing of ice that was a cause for concern. So I got to stay home and work on these! On Thursday night, I cast on and finished the second cuff. Friday, I watched some movies and got 2/3 of the way up the hand. Saturday, I finished the hand and the thumb and blocked it over night.

I think they turned out great. It wasn’t until I got these laid out next to each other to take this photo that I noticed that the pattern continued across the back of the hands. The wearer wouldn’t normally see this when they’re on her hands, but you and I might if she were playing peek-a-boo. I didn’t quite have gauge – these were closer to 3.75 inches wide rather than the required four, but I was able to square that away in the blocking. Now I just need to find someone with dainty hands – and possibly a birthday in January – to give these to. I have someone in mind. Stay tuned.

In non-knitting news, Jeff and I took our dogs Pona and Kate (and ourselves) out for a bit of socializing. We attended a basenji birthday party. Basenjis only go into estrus once a year (most dogs do so twice), and around the same time, which results in most basenjis being born in either December or January. So a bunch of people from the local rescue organization put together a little party. I was a little worried about Kate’s behavior – she can be a bit snarly with other dogs. She did that a bit, but soon settled in. It was hilarious seeing a dozen basenjis running around being basenjis. Although I forgot my camera, my friend Yawpers took some excellent photos. Below are some of the ones featuring Pona and Kate, but if you have time, take a look at the whole set of photos – there are some amazing photographs there. And some beautiful animals.




So, so fun. I hope this become an annual event. More often than that would be even better.

I did work a bit on Kerouac Sweater this week. Not much, though. It’s the boring part – the ribbing is done and it’s just knit a row, purl a row, for the next several inches. I’ve decided to forgo the pockets. I wouldn’t have used them anyway, and I think pockets in  sweaters tend to make things (like me) look kind of saggy. It’s a little hard to take pictures of this – there are 288 stitches crammed on to a 24-inch needle, so things are squished. If I don’t watch it, the end stiches have a tendency to make a break for it.  I’ve used 2 of the 18 balls of yarn I purchased for this sweater, so I think I’ll have enough yarn to complete it. I need a break from the mittens, so maybe I can be monogamous with this project – for a while, anyway.

Stay warm!


  1. Look at all those basenjis in one place!

    The mittens are so pretty! And they'll be warm, too, so I hope the person you're giving them to needs warm!

  2. Your mittens came out GREAT! You should be very proud of this project.

    I only wish my fingering weight stranded project were progressing so well...

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