Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inch by Inch, Putting it Together

It’s come to this – a whole blog post about switching to a longer circular needle, and how that has changed my life.

I’ve been slowly slogging away on the sweater. 288 stitches of stockinette – a lot of knitting and purling, and every once in a while fixing that weird thing that I described a few posts back. It’s still happening, but I’m catching it more. I’m on my sixth ball of yarn – for the main part of the body, I’m averaging about 3 inches of length with each 50-gram ball.

This afternoon, I thought I’d take some picture and post about my progress. To prepare, I thought I’d put this temporarily on a long Size 1 or Size 2 needle so I could spread it out a bit. It just looks way to bunched up on the 24-inch Size 3 I’ve been working, and frankly, it’s been kind of hard to work with. I dug around in my knitting bag and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a Size 3 needle – with a 47-inch cable. How much easier my knitting on this sweater will now be!

But the thing is, I knew I had this needle. Once again, my brain outfoxed me – on two fronts. Part of my brain thought the fabric should be bigger than the needle – if you’re knitting in the round. That part of my brain didn’t remember that I wasn’t knitting this in the round. Then another part of my brain remembered that I’d had to borrow a longer Size 3 needle to work on the Vaila Slipover, but that part forgot that I’d needed a size in between the 24” and 47” inch versions I had. Now all these parts of my brain are reconciled and working together – right when I was about to do a lot of binding off and separating to create the armholes on the sweater.

Thanks, brain.Sometimes, I wonder what my brain would look like if I knitted during an MRI. But then I remember that I’d have to use non-metal circular needles, and it hardly seems worth it.


  1. Yeah, sometimes it's like your brain really does just want to make life harder!

  2. Does your Click set not work with size 3? I'll be not, since the Knit Picks ones start with size 4, too...

  3. So, we're both working on circles in February....what's that about?