Monday, January 03, 2011

Puppy Pile

I’ve started working on some Pile-able Pups for a baby shower next weekend. I’ve always thought these were cute. Janelle knitted a pile-o-pups recently, and I thought this would be a cute toy to knit for a new little boy who’s due to arrive in a few months.

The pattern calls for size 5 needles, but I had size 6 DPNs, so I’m just knitting very tightly. Janelle is right – knitting all those little parts is tedious, but it’s good TV knitting. Here, my very un-pile-able pup, Kate (she likes her space), models a paw. Pona is much more pile-able, but only with people. For the last few evenings, he has spent most of his time curled up on Jeff’s lap. But get out a camera, and he takes off.

The past few evenings, Jeff and I have been watching episodes of Speed Racer on DVD. Because we’re little boys from the 1970s. They are a hoot. In the episode Challenge of the Masked Racer Part 1, Mom Racer knits!

Chim Chim decides to play a prank on Spritle by putting Mom’s ball of yarn on Spritle’s snack plate to see if he’ll put it in his mouth. He does, mom yanks vigorously on the yarn (as one does), and Spritle goes flying. Chim Chim, of course, is quite amused.

Later, Mom sends the boys off to bed as she finished up a few more rows…

Go, Mom Racer, Go!


  1. Mom Racer has odd knitting technique. But of course, as they always say, there's no wrong way to knit!

  2. Colors! you didn't share your colors! Let me guess -- buff, cream, and eggshell??