Sunday, January 09, 2011


It’s a nice, cloudy, damp chilly day here in Austin – perfect knitting weather. I put on Jeff’s Irish Moss sweater (one of the earliest FOs featured on this blog), and headed down to my men’s knitting group to get some knitting done. I hadn’t really touched the needles since finishing up the Pile-able Pups earlier in the week, so it was good to get back to the Bricker socks. I’ve finished four repeats of the cuff pattern on the second sock. I start the heel after six repeats. I ‘m doing this second sock totally by magic loop, unlike the first sock, the first half of which I did on DPNs. Not this time. I just hate not being able to try socks on myself when I use DPNs.

In other news, our men’s knitting group is going to participate in an art installation put together by Magda Sayeg. She’s known around these parts for covering things in knitted fabric (see example, right), and this time around her aim is to cover the trunks of the 99 trees in the courtyard of the Blanton Museum of Art in early March. Doug went to the organizational kick-off meeting and snagged tree number 65 for Guys in Austin with Yarn.

We’ll be making a trunk cozy out of four colors of Red Heart yarn, including a garish pink, the colorway of which one of my fellow knitters suggested should be dubbed “amoxicillin”. I suspect that may be it about halfway down the third pillar back in the photo above. The colors and fibers (acrylic for maximum outdoor durability) have been chosen for us, but we get to decide how thick we want the horizontal stripes to be. It’ll be kind of  fun to be part of a local fiber-y art installation. I’ll post info and pictures as things develop.

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  1. Will you be knitting plain stockinette or putting in any special stitch details?