Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Basenji of Interest

We had a little crime scene at our house this afternoon, and we’re pretty sure who the guilty party is.

Every once in a while, Kate can’t resist plucking a ball of yarn from out of my knitting bag. She doesn’t dig in there, or anything – she just waits for me to leave it open. And then she carefully plucks it out and wreaks her havoc. I’ve caught her in the act a few times. But this is the most damage she’s done. Luckily, I overbought in the main accent color for the Vaila Slipover (Oyster Heather), so I don’t think we’re going to have much of a problem. There wasn’t much left in the ball. I have four balls left and I’m a third of the way through the project. So I think I’m good! Still, I hope I’ve learned a lesson about keeping the bag closed and putting my projects away after working on them.

Progress on this project continues – not rapidly, but steadily. I’m 3/4 of the way through the third of four pattern repeats. Then it's ten more rows before starting the armhole decreases and the arm and neck steeks. When that happens, I’ll really feel like I’m getting someplace. I’m quite comfortable with the pattern at this point – it’s just finding the time to work on it. That, and having to take frequent breaks from having a wad of wool on my lap in 95-degree weather. Ugh. It’s definitely July in Texas.

I decided to give the vest a haircut today – all the woven in ends were starting to drive me crazy. It was just a matter of moments to trim them all back. I left about 1/4 inch on each to give them a chance to felt into the back of the work with wear. That’s the idea, anyway. I’m still a bit freaked about having only a few inches of loosely woven-in yarn at the beginning and end of each round, but to date there have been no signs of unraveling. I’m going to trust that this yarn wants to to stay knit.

Back to it!


  1. Please be advised that I have been retained by Kate Basenji Self as legal counsel. Be cautioned that if you continue to malign Kate's character publicly, she is prepared to file suit. At this time, Ms. Self requests that in addition to the cessation of accusations that knitting bags stuffed with complicated projects and many balls of yarn will remain open on the floor at all times. Additionally, extra rations of pupperoni treats will help to minimize the profound betrayal of trust Kate now finds herself suffering.
    ~ Jene "Bulldog" Teague

  2. Whew that she didn't get to your actual project, and that you didn't have too much yarn loss. And very sorry to see that she's retained an attorney! :-)

    The sweater is gorgeous - and the back is amazing - I can't believe how perfect it looks!

  3. Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad Kate (or Pona) didn't get hold of it!

    And it's been mid-90s and super-humid here, too. The good news is, here in Iowa, it won't stay this hot, but that may not be the case in Austin.