Sunday, June 27, 2010

Crochet-Magnon Man

I picked up a new yarn craft today! Well, at least I  made a start at it, anyway. I took Staci’s two-hour Crochet for Knitters class today. Totally worth every penny and then some.

The great thing about this class was that, as knitters, we all had a grasp of what a stitch was and how to make a slip-stitch – you know, all those little things that can be hard for beginning crafters to grasp, but once you’ve got it, you can’t ever remember not knowing them. So we moved along pretty rapidly from chain stitching, to slip stitches, to single and double crochet. Within an hour, we were starting our very first granny squares.

I clearly have some tension issues to work through, but I think I got the basics down.

I know I just got started on the Vaila Slipover, but I so totally want to just drop everything I’m doing and learn more about crocheting. And make a big, huge granny square afghan. Thanks, Staci. And Stephanie – I’ll never make fun of crocheting again. However, I will reserve the right to gasp at some  crocheted things


  1. Well, you can continue this crochet flirtation while waiting for other potential slipcover colors to arrive!

    Do you remember crocheting a really, really long chain on my green couch one day when I was making a baby blanket? You've done it before!

  2. Nice square! Do you think you are going to switch to crochet as the primary craft? I've wanted to learn this for a while - I did it once but never did more than a circle dishcloth.