Friday, June 11, 2010

Click! Snap! Tote!

A little something I ordered came in the mail today.

I’d been wanting to get one of these for a while – a soft sided case for my Addi Click interchangeable needles. The original set came in something that looked like it should hold my grandmother’s silver service. It was a big hard box with slots for all the needles. It looked nice, but it wasn’t very practical. Mine lived on the shelf below a coffee table near the chair where I do most of my knitting.

This soft-sided case is great. It holds all the needle tips and cords that I have just fine. It snaps closed and folds up much smaller than I would have thought. I practiced wagging it around under my arm like my grandmother used to do with all of her handle-less and strap-less handbags. She did this even when she used a walker, which bothered me to no end. But I’ll probably just end up carrying it around in my knitting bag.

As purchasers of the original set may be aware, they didn’t come with size 5 tips. So I ordered a set while I was at it. The first two or three projects I made after getting the Clicks required size 5 needles. Now that I have some, I probably won’t need them. But it’s nice to know they’re there.


  1. Very nice! I have the Knit Picks interchangeable set - wood and metal - but I've been thinking about the Addi Lace clicks - I love those needles!

  2. I LOVE my clicks. I've been using them for almost a year now. I pre-ordered the Lace clicks almost 4 months ago, and still no sign of shipping. I use my clicks for everything but socks. I was hoping to have the lace clicks for the aran sweater I'm currently working on (those pointy little tips are great for cabling without a cable needle). Who knows when they'll actually ship.

  3. It's an Addi clutch! (That's what those handle-less purses are called.) I'm still not an Addi fan - I'm a loose knitter, so I need a little traction to keep the stitches on my needles, plus I like a really pointy tip. It just occurred to me that those two things don't really go together -- if I'm a loose knitter, a blunter tip should work fine. But nevertheless...

    (I looked at the SCC Austin website yesterday - love the theme of "Keeping SCC Weird.")