Monday, May 17, 2010


The past week was very busy with the usual end-of-the-semester madness coupled with intense evening rehearsals for a men's chorus performance on Saturday. But that is all behind me now, and I can concentrate on these argyle socks.

Not much to report -- just wanted to show that I'm getting something done. I'm having trouble concentrating -- my mind keeps wandering to potential new projects -- but these past few days I've hunkered down with a stream of unwatched PBS documentaries on the DVR and got to work. So while I learned about The Doors, the origins of Earth Day, and the My Lai Massacre, I got the cuff of the second sock done. The fun never stops around here.

Now I'm facing many fewer bobbins and a simplified pattern -- hope to have these done shortly!

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  1. Love your viewing choices. Have you tried Dexter yet? We are hooked.