Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ooh, Baby Baby

I hear all kind of stories from knitters about babies not arriving until the knitted projects created for their impending arrival have been completed. But the future recipient of this gift couldn't wait.

Jeff got word that she arrived early last week. However, knowing that she is here has really goaded me into knuckling down and finishing. It's gone much faster than I thought it would -- hard to believe I've only been working on this for 9 days. Granted, they've been vacation days -- but still...

I'm using a larger yarn and needles than called for in the pattern, but I bought the same length of yarn. I should have bought a ball more, because it became apparent as I progressed that I might run out of yarn. I decided to stop short of the total number of repeats called for in the pattern. With blocking, I should end up with the dimensions (32"x32") called for, so it's all good. I started knitting on the edging Thursday evening, and I've already made great progress. I don't know that I'll have it finished before heading back to work on Tuesday, but if not, it should be done soon after.

Please pardon the yucky colors for this picture. Blame it on indoor iPhone photography.


  1. Large needle projects are so nice sometimes, aren't they? It really is a very pretty blanket.

  2. It looks beautiful. I just cast-on today for a baby blanket. I think I'm fairly safe . . . due date isn't until December. What pattern is that? I really like it!

  3. Wow! I just got back to knitting mine, and you're almost done with yours! However, I should be able to work on it a lot now - all my "have to" knitting is finished.

  4. James --

    This is the Larkin Baby Blanket by Snowden Becker. I have a link and a few more details in the addendum to this post.