Monday, December 14, 2009


My semester wound down to a crashing close, with the final week of classes coinciding with the week of extra rehearsals before yesterday's men's chorus holiday concert. Just a few of the reasons for the recent dearth of blogging. After a big professional meeting this morning, I'm free to enjoy the holiday. Yes!

I've never been one to embark on a task as monumental as holiday knitting. I have done a few specific Christmas gifts, but tackling projects for all those near and dear to me and adhering to the schedule required to crank them out is beyond me. Having said that, I did get inspired by some of my fellow knitters (namely Caro and Stephi), and I've decided to tackle an Elizabeth Zimmerman Seamless Hybrid Sweater for Jeff. He picked out this lovely shade of Cascade 220 Heathers (Mahogany) for the main color.

For a contrasting color to go inside the hem, cuff and maybe collar, Jeff picked the Bluestone that you can see in the second picture here. It's darker and more swirly in real life. Once again I can't seem to get my eye and my camera to agree. This afternoon I've been singing to myself, "Said the knitter to his Canon point-and-shoot, "Why can't you see what I see?"

Staci loaned me her copy of The Knitters Workshop DVDs, and it's been a real delight watching them as I work. I marvel at how Elizabeth Zimmerman can reach into a pile of sweaters or shawls and find just the thing to illustrate a point she's trying to make. Her no-nonsense get-it-done attitude is refreshing. She has her strong opinions, but she also advocates doing what works for you. So practical, that EZ. Oh, and I love hearing Meg Swanson giving her mother suggestions and handing her needles from off camera. A true labor of love with so much useful information. The design of the sweater makes much more sense to me having watched this.

I think my favorite part was when she described a part of the back that will not match up on the seamless hybrid design when finished. Of course, the Germans have a word for it, "Schönheitsfehler," which online sources tell me means "blemish" or "disfigurement," but which Ms. Zimmerman more tactfully translates as "a little mistake of beauty." She adds, "It can cannot be avoided, so it might as well be admired." Now do you see why she's so beloved of knitters?

I'll take a picture of the Schönheitsfehler when I get to it.


  1. I love brown and blue together, even though alone, neither is a favorite. The sweater is going to be beautiful. And, as always, I am so jealous of your long vacations!

  2. Schönheitsfehler...isn't that lovely? I'm glad you're catching the little things she says that are so nice.

    Also - did you listen to the radio show with Meg S at the end of the second dvd? Do!

  3. Of course the Germans have a word for it!!! :)

  4. I can't wait to see this sweater... in person! Those Cascade 220 heathers are gorgeous. There is a sweater I earmarked somewhere (not in my Rav queue, so where did I put it?) that calls for Cascade 220. I feel it calling to me.

  5. ha! I've gotten to the Schonheitsfehler already. . . I can't wait to see your progress on the sweater!
    Mostly so I can play copy cat when I get stuck. ;)

  6. I'm very jealous of your long break! But enjoy...

    The colors for the sweater are beautiful - and I can't wait to see more. This has been on my list for a long time, so I'll be interested to hear how it was to knit.