Sunday, December 06, 2009

I Want Some More

"Oliver! Oliver! Never before has a boy wanted more!"

Move over, Mr. Twist, and add ME to the list. I think I got shortchanged on some sock yardage.

I had my suspicions from the beginning. The sock yarn, which I had purchased at a both at the Sock Summit this past summer, had 450 yds listed on the ball band -- plenty of yardage for man-sized feet. But when I weighed it, the skein came in at a puny 84g. Definitely on the light side. I divided it into two 42g balls, and hoped for the best. It was pretty thin yarn after all. But this afternoon, after some ripping and re-knitting around a miscalculation I'd made on the Oliver socks yesterday, it was clear that I was going to be quite a bit short. So I've unwound the whole thing and stuffed the yarn into a bag for some future yarn swap or something.

I've already pulled out some bright (for me) blue/purple Shibui sock yarn that I also got in Portland. I purchased it for one of the classes I took, but I didn't end up using very much of it. It's a kind of busy yarn, and will work well for this interestingly constructed sock.

It's been downright chilly in these parts recently. We had all kinds of excitement about possible snow which never really materialized Friday, but Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful frost.

We had friends over Saturday morning for munching and knitting. Always a good time. Coffee was quaffed, mimosas downed, eggy casserole consumed, trash talked, and puppies pampered. No, we don't have a new dog, yet, but Staci brought along Pona, a rescued Basenji she is fostering. He was a little nervous and restless at first, but after a few cheese snacks and a potty break in the back yard, he settled down nicely. He and Jeff seemed to hit it off right away. Here's Pona curled up next to Jeff, trying to keep his African self warm.

Then yesterday afternoon we took some time to put up the tree and get some of our holiday decorations out. The stockings are now hung by the chimney with care. Note to self -- now that you're a knitter, you should knit some nice Christmas stockings.

Stay warm, everyone.


  1. Oh, no! That is really awful that the skein was only 84 g. The website says it's supposed to be 113 g. Do you think it could have been meant to pair with another yarn for contrasting toes/heels or something like that? I guess that is how you can salvage it if you have another 30-40 grames of something. I'm so sorry!

  2. Sorry to hear about the yarn - but I think adding another yarn for the heels/toes is a good idea (if the yarn would go with something else). The socks you are going to make are really interesting - I didn't see it at first but I love the top of the foot.

    Cute puppy!