Sunday, February 15, 2009

In the News

Several weeks ago, a woman from Texas Student Media at the University of Texas at Austin came by The Knitting Nest to take some pictures while I was there knitting with some friends. She told us that they were doing an article about knitting for a campus publication and that it would be available in mid-February.

Well, a few weeks ago it came out and I finally got to see a copy. I found out about it when Stacy emailed me a picture she'd taken of the article from her iPhone -- definitely one of those in my future. Of all the pictures of the photogenic knitters there that day, they chose this one of me. I'm not mentioned in the article at all which you can read if you click here for a larger version. I'm just the eye candy.

It's actually a pretty good picture of me. It looks posed, but really we were just hanging out. I was working on the first (and more deformed) of the Men's Heavy Gloves, though that's hard to discern in the photograph. It has a weird formality to it that kind of appeals to me. But read the article -- it's not about me. It's about my favorite award-winning Local Yarn Shop and the wonderful things it does for Austin knitters. Like the awesome Ravelry festivities that took place yesterday, and which I had to miss. Check out these photos of all the fun I missed!


  1. Kind of odd that they didn't even bother to identify you! But maybe when they realized you're not a UT employee, they decided they couldn't.

  2. Great picture! It sort of looks like a posed one from the turn of the century doesn't it? Your LYS sounds like a great shop.

  3. Hubba-hubba. Some eye candy! Do you get a copy of the pic to put on the mantelpiece? Oh, and nice ring. You're officiially the poster boy for straight knitting!Uncle C