Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Gloves Are Off...

...the needles! I finished them last night. Thought I'd take advantage of all the sun to take some quick pictures and squeeze in a quick post during my lunch hour, since I had the luxury of starting my work day with a meeting not far from my house.

I re-knit the first glove from the base of thumb up, starting Sunday. The fingers really don't take much time -- the main issues I had concerned fit. I had a really hard time gauging how long to make the fingers. On size 3 needles using sport weight yarn, a row or two can really make the difference between webbed fingers and floppy tips.

As mentioned earlier, I made some modifications, which I'll detail on the gloves' Ravelry project page soon.

I wouldn't hesitate to make gloves again, although my next pair will probably be with fingering (sock) weight yarn. These gloves are really heavy. I wore them around the house last night and my hands almost got too hot. I'd like to try something with stranded knitting for a little variety in color -- I can hear some readers snorting in disbelief already. But I'm very happy with these gloves, especially since they represent branching out into a new garment, but also because I got this awesome yarn at a swap. One knitter's unused stash is another knitter's treasure.

I got them finished just in time to photograph them on my back deck in a short-sleeved shirt and 82-degree weather!


  1. 82 degree weather??? We are bracing for another storm tonight!

    The gloves look great. Good job branching out to a new garment.

  2. Stranded? Colors? Whoa! (And you know stranding makes them even warmer.)

    I've made lots of mittens and fingerless mitts, but now gloves. All those fingers are scary -- but maybe I'll try some....

  3. Love them! And I'm having difficulty imagining a world where gloves are "too warm..." Visit us! You'll appreciate them! :)

  4. Steven! The gloves rock, but the picture is insane! I love it. it is so you, actually...hiding behind your work a bit.

    we are back from the desert...we survived.