Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bombs Away

They only took 437 days to complete, but the Bomb Pop Socks are finally done. They do fit quite nicely. They'll be just thing to wear on those cool 4th of July evening we have here in central Texas.

This was one of those projects that just languished forever. I mentioned on a blog post that I should probably get back to these, and a good friend of mine who was present at their dyeing challenged me to get of my keister and finish these. Thanks, Sharon. It wasn't so bad once I knuckled down. Having said that, I and the people I knit with will be happy to see me knitting something else for a while.

I could only think of one logical way to celebrate this milestone. I asked Jeff to pick up a Bomb Pop at the store to help me celebrate the sweet joy of success. They taste about the way I remember. However, I swear they're smaller than the ones I used to get from the ice cream truck that drove down my grandmother's street during those long ago San Antonio summer visits.

Grandma liked to tell the story (which I only vaguely remember) about the time the ice cream truck came by and I was outside with all the neighbor kids. We didn't have an ice cream truck in our neighborhood in Tacoma, and I was quite fascinated. I got in line with everyone for my ice cream. The ice cream man handed me the ice cream (whether it was a Bomb Pop, I don't remember), only to snatch it back when he found out I didn't have any money. No one had explained that this transaction involved payment! I remember running into the house crying and my grandparents thinking it was hilarious. By the time I scrounged some coins and got back outside, the truck was gone.

Such trauma and drama. But now I got my Bomb Pop socks -- plus a few extra frozen confections in the freezer.


  1. This may be my favorite photo that you've ever posted on your blog. Great job, both of you!

  2. Look at you, all brightly colored! ;-)

  3. Well aren't you the cutest! Good job sticking it out on the socks. They're great.

  4. Way to go. Great job finishing the socks!

  5. GREAT JOB on your Bomb Pop Socks!
    Looks really great and love the color with kool aid dyed!

    I hate to say thats socks took me also longist time mr to finsh it!