Friday, November 23, 2007

Got to be Startin' Something

I finished my TOFUtsie 732 socks last night. I was shocked to see in Ravelry that I began these socks in August. I don't know what I was doing the whole time, but I started the second sock eight days ago. Oh yeah -- I was knitting a sweater.

I have a love/hate relationship with this yarn. It's a little grabbier than wool, and because of the weird way I knit, my stitches all looked a little wonky. The overall effect is nice -- just don't look too closely. I really like the feel of these on my feet. I think they could be worn in the warmer months quite comfortably. However, I have to take issue with the fact that there were 9 knots in this ball of yarn. It made me mad. I was able to cut the knots out and weave in ends and the joining spots are for the most part imperceptible. All's well that weaves in well. As Snowden at my meetup group said, "They're going to be on your feet."

You may have noticed that I've gone through a bit of a color change on the blog -- or rather an "absence of color" change. I thought having completed a year of blogging, it was time to branch out a little. The new template system that blogger employs makes it very easy to monkey with the colors (or non-colors), so you may see changes from time to time. If anything becomes difficult to read or hard on the eyes, let me know won't you?

I don't have anything on the needles right now, and I feel a little panicky. I've been holding off on starting a new project until the yarn for Jeff's new sweater arrives. Delivery is scheduled for Monday. (According to the UPS tracking system it's here in Austin already -- don't they deliver on the Friday after Thanksgiving? Maddening!) You may see the Bomb Pop Socks listed on the right, but they're really hibernating. I need to think about those some more. I've got a couple of sock patterns I've had my eye on and heaven knows I've got enough sock yarn -- so I may get started on a pair tonight just so I can breathe.

In the meantime, Jeff and the in-laws and I are headed out to the Hill Country to do a little wine tasting this afternoon. That should take the edge off...

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