Sunday, November 25, 2007

Classic Socks & Rowanxiety

I may look back on this time as my "blue period" in knitting. It's just coincidence. My next project will actually have colors that are non-blue. You'll just have to trust me on this one.

I was antsy without having anything to work on during this rainy, chilly weekend, and very anxious for my new Rowan yarn to arrive. Since it's currently being held hostage over the holiday weekend by UPS, I decided to do something with some navy Knit Picks Essential that I had sitting around. Originally, I had bought it to pair up with a tan ball of yarn, which made its debut as the stripes in the Gentleman's Socks in Railway Stitch last spring. They were both going to be used in a stranded pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, but my gauge was way off and the socks were getting so thick they could be classified as bullet-proof. I frogged the results, and I think both parties are better off having gone their separate ways.

I started this sock Friday night. It's being made from a pattern called "Classic Socks" in my newly acquired The Knitting Man(ual), from which I am also making my upcoming sweater project. It's fairly basic -- a four-round, nine-stitch pattern -- straight knit rounds interspersed with staggered baby cable rib to make a little twisting pattern. These are going to be snug, but I like snug socks. The K2, then k into the second stitch thing is a little tough on these small needles (size 0 -- my knittus operandi for socks), and I have to take frequent breaks, or else my wrists start hurting. But it looks pretty elegant for the effort, I think. It will likely fall by the wayside when the sweater yarn arrives.

So frustrating to know it's here in town in a cold, dank, warehouse, just waiting for me to get my mitts on it. I know where the UPS warehouse is. I wonder what would happen if I went over there with my receipt and an ID and banged on the door?...

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  1. I love the pattern for the socks, and I know how you feel about UPS teasing you with the delivery of your yarn. Sometimes I wonder if I hate being able to track my packages!