Monday, October 22, 2007

Henry III

I don't usually blog about non-knitting matters, but at a session this morning about blogs, I got the itch to post something. So with the magic of hotel wireless and being able to blog from my cell phone camera, here we go!

I'm in Albuquerque at the annual meeting of the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association. This is the great view of the Sandia Peaks out of my hotel room window. (Those aren't UFOs you see above the peaks. They're unidentifiable smudges on the window. I think...)

I really enjoy this corner of my professional life. For a professional organization, it's just the right size -- nothing so huge that you get lost and can't figure out what to do next. I'm always tired at the end of the conference, and I always learn so much.
Plus, there are several knitting friends that come to the meeting and it's a great opportunity to touch base. I've seen Janna and Becky -- who are both skilled enough to be able to knit and pay attention at the same time. I don't trust myself quite that far, although I did bring Henry along to work with.

Here it is so far. I've done three complete 24-row chevron repeats so far. As mentioned earlier, I think I'm going to just do 5 instead of the seven called for -- I think that will do for me. i haven't gotten to work on this much, being so busy, but I did a little KIP in the airport before I left.

What is it about the combination of me and knitting in public that encourages people to bring on the crazy? Whilst waiting for my flight to board yesterday, I worked on a few rows of Henry. I was sitting in a long bank of open seats, minding my own business, when this guy and his wife sit right next to me. After a few minutes of munching Fritos, this guy asks me, "Are those things allowed on a plane?" I assured him that they were. He pointed out that he could probably do as much damage with his pen, and took out his Bic and made some stabbing motions with it just to prove the point. I thought, "Okay, that's kind of scary." I proceeded to knit and ignore him.

A few minutes later he leans over conspiratorially and whispers, "You know, if the TSA would let us take baseball bats on airplanes, we wouldn't have to worry about those rag-heads taking over a flight!" Oh yes, he did.

I'm not usually a confrontational person and it can take me quite a while to get my dander up. But this guy got me from Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo to Selsun Blue in about ten seconds. I turned to him and said loud enough for a few people around us to hear, "I don't want to talk about this with you." The guy muttered "okay" and shifted in his chair away from me. A lady who had sat next to me a few minutes before snorted in what I hope was approval. The whole thing really shook me up. I finished my row and got up and sat somewhere else.

As I boarded the plane a few minutes later, I noticed that he was sitting in the first class section. A little under-qualified if you ask me.


  1. I love your Johnson and Johnson comment. So fab!

    DUDE! What a total whack job! Who the heck says that kind of thing to a total stranger, let alone, umm, at all?

    Glad you're enjoying NM.

  2. What a jackass. You handled that *SO* much better than I would've. Cause I grew up in Detroit and stuff (LOL).

    Anyway, next time I'm surrounded by the crazies I'll just know that somewhere, out there, you must be knitting in public.


  3. HA! Yeah, the Johnson and Johnson comment made me chuckle.

    Wow... stabbing motions from a white guy (i'm assuming) about a "rag-head", why are we in this war again??? Jackass. I'm glad you let him know you weren't appreciating his unintelligent comments.

  4. Can they throw you out of an airport for calling a first class passenger a fucking bigotted asshole? You have way more self-control than I. I understand first class is now where they put the morally handicapped.

  5. Wow, that is creepy. Sometimes the airport is just a cross section of creeps and weirdos that you don't see in daily life. But at least that jackass wasn't sitting next to you on the plane.

  6. Scarf is awesome by the wa!y