Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Branched Out

The Branching Aran Guernsey is finished! I was a little miffed at today's cloudiness which kept me from getting very good pictures after work, but here they are.

What a ride. I knew this wouldn't be the easiest project in the world, what with all the cables and the strange 2-over-5 cabling, but little did I suspect that I would be nearly done in by overzealous blocking and not paying attention to gauge as much as I should have.

The surgery was scary, but now I know that it's possible -- yet one more little knitting mystery explored and survived. I can't deny that I've been looking at the ribbing at the bottom of the sweater and thinking, "You know, that could be a little bit tighter." No -- better stuff that genie back in the bottle. Because when it comes right down to it, it would have been better to get this done right the first time around -- time-wise, yarn-wise, and sanity-wise.

Anybody have any ideas for what to do with two 6-inch sections of amputated sleeve?


  1. You are such a fast knitter! And maybe you could turn the extra sleeve-length into wrist warmers or a hat or something, for that rare cold Austin day.

  2. Regardless of the amount of pressure it put on your sanity, it looks great and you should be damn proud.

  3. Tag, you're it. Miss me? Are you still going to CC for Saturday meetup?

  4. It looks great! Good job. Heirloom sweater, totally.

  5. That looks great!
    Awesome sweater! You diid great job!

    Also I have guy knitting blog too...come over see what you think!