Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ed!

I'm back from vacation in the fabulously cool Northwest. I didn't do much knitting, but I did manage to finish the TOFUtsies Footsteps socks, which I sneakily tricked the recipient into trying to make sure they would fit. Here, Ed is modeling them on the mini-balcony on the front of his townhouse in Portland, Oregon. We had such a great time up there. Thanks, Ed, for everything. A dozen pairs of socks couldn't thank you for all the great things you did for us as our host.

I managed to go to one knitting shop, as you can see from the previous post. I sent that from my cell phone, so it's pretty much just picture and caption -- not much room for more. Still, it's kind of cool to be able to blog from the road.

I took the sweater but didn't work on it -- although I should have at Crater Lake with evenings in the upper 30s! I kind of don't want to look at it right now. It was a bit of a shock getting off the plane -- and it's not even THAT hot. I've got to go back to work on Monday and I'm just not ready for it. Oh, and that two-weeks-worth of grass growth isn't going to mow itself.

But it's good to be back.

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