Sunday, August 26, 2007

Austin to Austen

While I was away this summer, I got an email from someone about knotted fringe. She had seen my blog posting about knotting fringe (see the bottom of the July 2007 archive page) and had a question about it.

When I responded, I got a quick reply from Laura Boyle at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England. The Centre, which promotes Austen-related activities in Bath, has a website that publishes articles about Jane and the world she lived in. At some point, her brother Frank,a naval officer, was visiting at home and made himself useful by knotting some fringe for the drawing-room drapes.

The website wanted to supply some instructions and went to the web to find something. Just like I did. Among other sites, they found my blog posting, and asked if they could reproduce it in their article. I was very flattered and glad to help. Of course I said yes. Here it is: How to Make Knotted Fringe.

Imagine, Frank Austen and I both knotting fringe for our sister/sister-in-law (shh!-- it's a secret!). As Jane wrote in Mansfield Park, "What strange creatures brothers are!"


  1. That's SO cool!!! Now you're an internationally-recognized expert on knotted fringe!

  2. This information fully cements my centuries-too-late crush on Frank Austen.