Sunday, February 05, 2017


Blog posting has been on hiatus while I worked on some super secret projects. One is now out of the bag -- so I can finally write something about it!

My good friend from college, Tom, wanted to have a Viking-themed birthday this weekend. When I first heard about it, I started planning a little something for some of us guests to wear. Viking helmets! There were plenty of free patterns on Ravelry, but I settled on one by Becky Veverka. Inspired by some of the pictures on Ravelry, I followed modified instructions by Ruth (KnitNannyRuth).

I got some Berocco Vintage yarn at the newly moved and re-opened Hill Country Weavers. My original plan was to make three hats with three different-colored detachable braided beards. In the middle of last week, I'd realized I'd been a bit too ambitious and ditched the beard idea. I did make one prototype, but it was too heavy, too hot, used to much yarn and ended up looking like a dead muppet. It was just wrong. So hats only it was.

The hats were pretty easy to knit up. One hank of gray yarn made exactly two hats with just a little left over. Then one each for the gold and ivory on the horns -- I could make a whole herd's-worth more of those. I did one fewer series of 9-row repeats up the front of the hat, so that the decreasing started after two bobbles/rivets instead of after three. I wanted to these to look more helmet-like than hat-like and didn't want them to come down too far down the side of the head. I found the circumference worked well for a big melon like mine. The horns were pretty easy and quite clever, using the natural curl of the stockinette stitch to make the gold rings that attached the horns to the head. Short-row shaping made the horns curve naturally. It's really a pretty simple design with a lot of wow factor. So fun to make!

They were a big hit last night. We met at the Ship & Shield in Houston, played some games, and feasted on all kinds of tasty things like pickled herring, wild boar and, of course, drinkables. Tom had a good time and guests enjoyed passing the hats around for photos. In the above photo, Jeff, Shelly and myself model all three. I hope the staff at the pub wasn't too offended. As many of you may know, there is little evidence that Vikings actually wore horned helmets. But really, when you picture a Viking, what comes to mind?

If you're looking for something fun and easy to knit, I can recommend this highly. Perfect for the young and the young at heart. Happy birthday, Tom!


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    1. Yes -- he already had a hat, but these fit in well with the theme. A lot of people went all out with Nordic tunics and woolly capes. It was a lot of fun. Oh -- and the restrooms had pictures of Ragnar and Lagertha from the History Channel's "Vikings" on the doors.

  2. They really were a big hit! And Janelle is right--very Tom! Brilliant idea, brilliant knitting, Mr. Self!

    1. Thanks, Shelly. We had such a good time!