Monday, July 21, 2014

The Gist of the Twist

I've been on a roll with knocking out the projects these past few weeks. Today, I finished the Boyfriend Socks that I started back in May.

This pattern has been available online for free for years, but I just now got around to trying it. I used some Cascade Heritage Silk in the color Limestone that I bought when Janelle's friend (and now mine) Kris was in Austin for a conference and we spent a lovely Saturday driving around to yarn shops, knitting, and stuffing ourselves with barbecue. Good times! I started these socks shortly afterwards, but they too fell victim to my late spring/early summer knitting doldrums. But it was easy enough to pick up where I left off. I'd forgotten how luxuriously smooth this yarn is to work with. It can be a splitty with my sharp dpns, but totally worth it.

The construction is rather straightforward in this pattern. They're made toe-up using the magic cast-on. I followed the instructions for increasing on the adjoining edge stitches, but I wish now that I'd offset them by one stitch. And I'm not all that great with wrapped short row heel construction, but at least they look uniform.

I really do like the cables and how they drift back and forth across the ribbing in little bunches of three. Once I figured out how to count rows to find my place it was easily memorized. And the generous yardage on this yarn meant I could take these a little further up the calf before the final 1x1 ribbing and the sewn bind-off.

Those are Jeff's feet modeling in the top photo. He'd rather model than put up with my somewhat demanding photo direction. But he did mention how silky smooth these were -- this from a man who thinks most handknit garments are "too scratchy." Maybe someday I'll make a pair for him, although I suppose I'd have to change the name to Husband Socks.


  1. Love! Now, I really want try that yarn.

  2. Ah the photo shoot! The system I use with my "photographer" is to take a shot of her to illustrate how I want to capture the features of the garment then she replicates it.

    She's generally a good sport about it all but I find her inevitable grumbling at the extent of my "shot list" amusing in the extreme - giggling ensues - 'bottom line she is a good sport about working with her mother the "diva"!

    BTW that colour is just perfection to let the great details of those socks shine through!

  3. Photo shoots with spouses can be really stressful - I concur! I can usually manage photographing my own feet just fine. I just can't do sweaters and cowls. I hate those selfies that show the knitter's bathroom and refuse to contribute one to the internet.

    Socks look awesome.