Sunday, January 12, 2014

Girasole Start

I've had Jared Flood's Girasole pattern in my Ravelry queue for years, and Friday, I got some yarn to make it. It can be knit in any size, really, since it's circular. The pattern suggests a sock weight yarn for a shawl, or worsted for a blanket. I'm using more of a sport weight, so let's say this will be a throw.

It's going to be a gift, so I'll be a little cagey about my planning but I will say I did have a bit of trouble with the color. I wanted to make something bright, but the color options at hand were either neon or pastel -- not quite right for this project. Then I saw this Cascade Ultra Pima cotton yarn in a shiny antique gold color -- washed out to a camely-beige here by my color-distorting phone camera. But the actual color is vert fitting to me, as the center of the pattern looks like the sun. The label, however, says Mushroom. Hmm. No wonder it spoke to me.

I cast on right away Friday, and immediately it started with a bit of a challenge - a new (to me) cast-on technique: the circular cast-on. Two sites are suggested in the pattern to get details. I found that the option using a crochet hook worked best for me. It's pretty cool, and not that complicated.

In true lace-from-the-center-out fashion, I've made great progress this weekend, having worked my way through the first three charts and one of the six balls of yarn I estimate I'll need. But now things will slow down as the circumference increases. No worries yet. I still have time. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the novelty and at the same time marveling at the number of projects I have going at once. For me, this borders on spinning out of control.


  1. I'm looking forward to watching your progress with this. I have a Jared Flood I want to work up too. Isn't this the second design you've knitted up by him?

  2. I'm contemplating making 2014 a whole year of flitting between this project and that - having too many (for me) things on the go - "Devil-may care" knitting!

  3. Jenn P -- It's my 5th! Previous ones include Koolhaas, Turn A Square, Pavement, and Grettir.

  4. Now I have even more reason to give the Jared Flood pattern a try. You have such great taste and you wouldn't have knit up five If they weren't great!

  5. Lovely progress so far! Center out projects are so hard for me...just when I want to be finished sooner, the rounds get longer, lol!