Sunday, September 22, 2013

Reversal of Portions

I got the side panels of the Redford sweater finished this weekend. Without giving too much away, the instructions use the same perspective of right (stockinette) and wrong (reverse stockinette) sides, but when the pieces are finally all sewn together, the side panels are put in "wrong" side out. It was hard to get used to being concerned about how the wrong side was shaping up, since it's the part that will show. Here, I've pinned out one side panel between the front and back pieces so you can get some idea of what it will look like. From a distance, you might not see the difference, but if you look at a larger version at Flickr, you can get he effect.

I got a start on the sleeves this afternoon, having just started the 4th of 6 hanks called for in this size. I think should have enough. Looking at this picture already has me worrying about the complexity of the finishing. But what's a knitting project without a little fretting?

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