Friday, June 21, 2013


Nearly two weeks since my last post? So many of my blogging friends are so much more prolific and communicative than me. I haven't been knitting much, to be sure, so there hasn't been much to write about. But I did hit a bit of a milestone today.

The sleeves on my brother's Grettir Sweater are complete or at least as far as the armpits. I seem to be spot-on with the gauge. I've never knit a pattern in which the sleeves are made first so this is a little strange. They're set aside now, as I get ready to cast on for the body. It's essentially the same process, but on a larger scale, so I should be able to progress quickly.

I had an interesting knitting encounter today. A knitter/librarian colleague of mine, whose mother died earlier this year, brought in a project that her mother had been working on. We had a good time trying to reverse engineer what it was. Craft Scene Investigators: Special Knitting Unit! She thought that her mother must have been using a pattern, but it wasn't in evidence. It looked like the collar and the start of the shoulders on a top down sweater, along with what might have been a belt. It was made out of seafoam-green yarn, doubled, and with lots of interesting lacy details. I wish I'd thought to take a photo it was quite beautiful and she was clearly a talented woman.

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  1. Craft Scene Investigators, I would so watch that show! Good work with the sleeves, I read somewhere that French knitting patterns usually start with the sleeves. Australia tends to follow British practice so most patterns are in pieces and start with the back.