Sunday, January 13, 2013

Turquoise Delight

Just checking in to show some progress on the Spectra Scarf.

I haven't been able to give this much attention, but it is starting to move more quickly. I finished at least four panels just this morning knitting with some friends for a few hours. Although the pattern consists of 14 rows repeated over and over, it's a pretty easy job to figure out how to read one's work. The wraps are inconspicuous from the front but very noticeable on the wrong side. This pattern is definitely not reversible.

I have accidentally garter stitched when I should have done stockinette and vice versa, but I've caught early enough. In knitting, like anything else, early intervention can stop small problems before they become disasters.

So progress continues. I'm a little disappointed the colors haven't shifted more yet, but in this photo it actually looks like some of the more recent panels might be a bit darker. Or maybe I'm imagining that. The green can't come soon enough for me.


  1. It is really beautiful...

    I predict that soon you will break down and do math to forecast how long the scarf will be if you use the whole ball of Freia.

  2. I'm fascinated to see how your scarf is going to turn out. Long colour repeats are always a bit of a surprise!

  3. the turquoise offset by black is just stunning, whether the colour goes darker or not :)