Saturday, December 15, 2012

Grey Garden

These will be the best things to wear for the day, some day.

Until this morning, I hadn't knit a stitch for a week. Just so much going on, and not enough time for sitting still and knitting. But the semester is now over and I got to kick off the break by getting together with friends to knit. When we noticed that half of us were knitting gray projects, we had to get a shot. If Snowden had been here, our chances of having five projects would have been high. Girl can rock the gray.

While there, Staci told me about an app she thought I might like. It's knitCompanion from Create2Thrive, and so far, I AM liking it. It allows you to upload patterns via Dropbox, and then manipulate them in all kinds of creative ways. So far, I've uploaded the pattern for the Fishbone Gansey Socks I'm currently working on, isolated the cuff chart, and added the written instructions side-by side. The app adds an automatic row highlighter, and with the tap of a button, it jumps to the next row. So cool! You can also color-code sections, add virtual stitch markers, and more. It was a little tough getting started, but I got going pretty quickly. It's already made this project easier to follow. It's a little spendier than some apps, but worth it, I think, just for the help in following charts.

And now to stop writing about knitting and actually do it. Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and getting to knit as much as you want to.

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  1. Your socks look great- very gentlemanly! I love gray and you have reminded me that I have never actually knit anything in gray. I may copy your socks... ( To self: " he'll never notice...")