Sunday, November 04, 2012

Life on the Edge

I did finally figure out the edging technique on the Honey Baby Blanket. It's a 4-row pattern with the 2nd and 4th rows being knit together with a live stitch from the edge of the blanket. This is repeated 415 (or so) times around the entire outside edge. I say "or so," because I came up with 16 fewer stitches than the pattern said I would. I counted and checked umpteen times and can't figure for the life of me where I missed any stitches. So let's just pretend I didn't.

As you might be able to tell from the above, all this edging is tedious. It would have been more so if I hadn't broken down and bought a 2.5mm 32" lace needle. It.s one of those pointy gold Addi thingies. I bought it for the pointiness (lots of knitting stitches together with adjacent yarnovers -- ick) but love it for it's grabiness. The yarn still slides, but has just enough stick to keep stitches from jumping ship. It's the perfect tool for the job.

I've completed one whole side and about a third of another. The end is in sight. I can't wait to block this thing and see how the design shapes up -- and how big it's going to be.


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  1. The edging is quite pretty and delicate! Perfect for such a lovely life-warming gift.