Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sock Blocked

Actually, I haven't even bothered to block it. I'm referring to a different kind of blocking.

I knew I was asking for it on this project. It called for over 500 yards of yarn and my skein only had 462. So I thought that by shortening it, I would come out okay. I did leave out a few repeats, but I should have separated the skein out into two equal-weight balls beforehand. The finished first sock weighs 52 grams and I have 48 grams left. There will be no second sock.

But, I learned some cool techniques and got some practice memorizing a lace pattern. The three part star-shaped toe with the mercifully rare P3tog was only slightly maddening. Working on this got me to thinking about socks again, which I haven't been knitting enough of lately. Perhaps I'll get started on some with the new yarn I picked up in Boulder. I'm thinking of making the Kalajoki pattern -- it's been in my queue a while and should look nice in a bluish green. I'll need to look into upsizing them for manly Flintstone feet.


  1. You could just use that as a Christmas stocking. :)

    Or knit a green one and have a festive Christmas pair of socks!

  2. I've been meaning to knit Kalajoki, too. Maybe we should have a KAL!