Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Sweater Vest Returns

After a quick run of Christmas balls, I returned to the Hillhead Slipover this week. And I've managed to get quite a bit done in only a few days.

Things have gone more smoothly since I've stopped trying to figure out ways to track the number of decrease rounds. They're different for the armholes and the neck opening. I started keeping separate counters for the two, and then tried marking the decreases with stitch markers, but that got tedious fast. I finally just decided to read the knitting as I went, and count rounds on the pattern to double-check. It helps that the design is symmetrical to the point that the same stitch in the pattern always appears on either side of the armhole steeks -- so, in four places. It makes it easy to check my work. The armhole decreases are now finished -- only the neck still to go. I'd feel better if there were more stitch-count reality checks in this pattern, but I seem to be okay so far.

It's been a relatively quiet time between semesters. Interspersed with visits by and to the in-laws, we've been taking care of landscape and general yard chores. I've been doing one big outdoor thing a day, and then catching up on knitting while watching episodes of Peep Show. Still almost a week to go -- I should be able to get a lot done. Should.

It feels good to get back to the sweater. The longer I was away from it, the more anxiety built up about whether I could remember my little mnemonics that carry me through. A little rough going at first, but all's well now. I still feelike I have enough yarn, and I'm still glad I added the extra length. I'm a little under gauge recently on spot checks, but well within the range of a little blocking adjustment.


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  1. This is so gorgeous -- I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product. (And it makes me feel better to know that you, too, wish for stitch count reality checks!)