Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Mitt-ness

This certainly wasn’t part of my plan for spring break knitting, but I picked up and finished the March Woodland Winter Mittens in a matter of days.

I’d been looking for something to do while waiting for more red and white yarn to arrive for Christmas Balls, and this project had been languishing for a while. It’s my least favorite of the 6 patterns, but it worked as that thing you go to when you’re between projects. I suppose if that between phase lasts long enough, you just finish up all your backup projects. I completed the right mitten (on the left in the photo) on Monday, immediately cast on the for the left mitten, and by this morning, the Ides of March, I had finished blocking both of them. It was very thematic to split my time this week between working in the yard and knitting designs based on spring blossoms. Of course, the kind of budding seeds and bulbs as depicted here happened close to a month ago. We’re in full bloom in central Texas these days.

I ended up liking this pattern more than I thought I would. I think the design fits into a mitten shape quite well. I do have to say that the palm pattern is my least favorite so far – not memorizable at all, and not particularly striking, to my eye. It does work better at a distance than close up. So now I’ve completed the October, January, February and March patterns. November (deer and mountains) and December (Northern lights) are quite nice – I’ve been saving them up for last.

As of yesterday, all the yarn has finally arrived for a new stranded knitting project that I’ve been wanting to start for months now, but had trouble tracking down all the yarn. It was quite a saga, part of which I’ll fill you in on next time around.

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  1. Can't wait to hear about the new project! But the irony of stranded colorwork in TX in spring...!