Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scarfing Down

Just a note to show a bit of progress on the Pavement Scarf. Still loving the pattern, and still making mistakes from time to time. Love this yarn – if I do have to rip out, the stitches just sit there patiently, not unraveling, waiting to be put back on the needles.

I’m a little shy of 3/4 of the way done. I was worried at first that this scarf  wasn’t going to be long enough. That is no longer my concern. What keeps me up at night lately is trying to figure out how to block something that is 76+” long on a blocking board that is only 30-something inches long. Do I do it in sections? That seems wrong and not very manageable. Do I just pin it to the carpet in the guest bedroom and make that space  off-limits for a while? Anyone with expertise in blocking extra-long things, feel free to chime in.

Today, I spent the morning with friends, eating too much and laughing. The hostess with the mostest gave everyone some luxurious hand cream, which is totally amazing. Then, I got home to find more goodies on the doorstep from my brother and his family, shortly after talking on the phone with him about his recent trip climbing Andean volcanoes. Tonight, we sing in our men’s chorus concert, and then it’s a week of downtime before the Christmas weekend.

Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying this wonderful time of year as much as I am.


  1. I use the floor of our craft room -- big open space, off-limits to cats, plenty of sunlight to help the piece dry. Before I had a craft room, I used the bed or the ironing board, and I'd block in sections. It's a pain, but the alternative is folding the piece back on itself, which creates a semi-permanent fold. If you have floor space big enough, use it.

  2. I use an old quilt on the floor. If I have to leave it unsupervised, I cover it with a sheet, to keep Harley from pulling the pins out. Of course, that does slow down the drying time!

  3. Hmmm. Seems like you could rig something up over a drying rack that would let you drape the scarf rather than lay it flat. This would only work with blocking wires, though, not pins. Let us know what you decide!