Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Got the Beets

Another slow week of knitting – meaning I didn’t knit a stitch during the week. But I did manage to work a bit more on the Chocolate Spiral Socks during my knitting group on Saturday morning. This morning, I buckled down and finished the button band on the Kerouac Sweater, while catching up with a bunch of PBS episodes of Frontline, Independent Lens and Secrets of the Dead that had been cluttering up my DVR for a while. I’ve tried it on, and it appears that all systems are go.

Two things left to do. One is blocking. There are some areas around the sleeve cap that need special attention. I think I’m going to go the steam route rather than full immersion. Secondly, I need to go shopping for buttons. The last time around, I had Snowden to go shopping with. We went to Silk Road and got some great buttons for my Whitfield Jacket.  Sadly, she’s moved away, so I’ll have to be a big boy and pick some out myself. The holes are kind of small, so I should have plenty of options.

This afternoon, I got to knit with some of the guys from our men’s knitting group. It had been WAY too long since I’d done that, and it was good to get out. I always have a good laugh and learn something. Those guys are always trying out something new – a pretty fearless bunch as knitters go.

Oh, and one more thing. A picture of food. Yummy, yummy, food. My knitting buddy Jene had some extra food from her CSA this week. I was the proud recipient of some peppers, potatoes, and these delicious beets. I found a recipe for Sweet-and-Sour Beets with Apples in The Joy of Cooking, and voilà! Very tasty, indeed. Thanks, Jene!

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  1. Right on, Beet Buddy. Remind me to tell you what I learned about beets next time I see you.