Sunday, September 06, 2009

Desperate Times... for desperate measures. Like buying a 14" pair of size 7 straight needles at, well, let's just say the name of this big box store is somewhat reminiscent of, but is definitely not, Wool-Mart. This is the one option in my in-laws' little town because I left my size 7 Addi Click tips at home.

There used to be the coolest little knitting shop here in Granbury, Texas called Dot's that had the best yarn and knitting accoutrement. I called it my far-away local yarn shop, and my in-law's got me gift certificates to this shop so that I could go on shopping sprees when I was up for visits. Good times! The staff was so helpful and not at all weirded out by a guy coming into to buy yarn. Alas, Dot's is no more.

But I'm now back on track, plugging away at the Whitfield Jacket on a sleepy holiday weekend Sunday afternoon. What could be better -- besides having remembered to bring those darned size 7 needle tips? (Actually, I kind of like this snazzy anodized aluminum purple they came in.) Hope your Labor Day weekend is full of lots of relaxing knitting.


  1. I never knit on straights anymore (unless you count DPNs). I think 14" straights would feel like rowing a boat -- but better than not knitting at all!

  2. Glad you found needles - nothing worse than not being able to knit when you want to! I haven't knit with straights in a long time - and I really need to figure out something to do with the ones I have