Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vest Out West

Finally figured out a wireless connection in the park. Today, we walked 13.5 miles and several thousand feet in elevation. But the most exciting thing that happened today? Getting surprised by a very snarly black bear on the trail! We're both intact although still a little shaken...


  1. OMG, Steven! Glad you're both alright... let's be a little more careful next time, mkay?

  2. Steve! A bear? I want all the details on June 1st.
    The vest pattern is stunning. Of course this pic. reminds me of folks who take some item and photograph it all over the world. Maybe this is the first of many locales for the vest...
    I was also impressed by how you glossed over the "several thousand feet" in elevation.
    Donna, who is exhausted climbing one flight of stairs

  3. The vest is looking beautiful. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

  4. 13.5 miles and knitting in the Chisos... I could get used to that. Enjoy!!!

  5. Yikes! Glad you were ok. Hiking and knitting - sounds perfect! Have fun!