Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blacksleeves, or What Gauge is This?

I could feel this coming for several days. You know, that sinking feeling that maybe there won't be enough yarn to finish your project? I have no idea why. I bought enough yarn for the largest size in the pattern, although I'm making the medium size for widths and the XL for lengths. Should still work right? I mean, I'm getting gauge, yet I could tell I was still going to come up short.

Oh -- and did I mention that I know my LYS doesn't have any more yarn in the color from the same dyelot because I cleaned them out? The more I knit this thing, the closer and closer I got to a point where I had to make a decision -- either start over, or be creative. Call me creative.

First, I checked Ravelry. I found two hanks of the Cascade 220 Heathers in Jet in the same dyelot, but they weren't up for trade or sale, and they looked like they'd been used. I didn't have the patience or nerve to track their owners down and go through all that.

So I went to The Knitting Nest and got the last hank of Jet, but in another dyelot. But, to disguise any possible striping, I'm using it above the fennel-colored stripes in the sleeves only. I can't see any color shift at all. If there is one visible, it will be where the sleeves, join the main part of the body. And maybe that won't look bad, right?

Back to knitting...


  1. you're right, Steven - you can't tell at all. it's looking GREAT!!

  2. I'm glad you decided to go with "creative". The sleeve looks great from that photo, and I'm sure there's no obvious color shift. . .

    It looks great!

  3. I cannot see a color shift. Knit on!

  4. Ugh - I hate when this happens! I think your solution is great - I can't see any color shift in the sleeve.

  5. I'm in. I am making it very public that I have made it a New Years resolution to learn to knit and to have something I can wear by the end of the year. I think lurking around yours and Janelle's blogs for a year is plenty.

    Bring on the inspiration, Steven. You and Janelle started this.

    Oh, and Happy New Year!