Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to Work

The Mineshaft socks are complete! I only worked on these sporadically over the last month or so. I took them on trips and barely worked on them. Then I'd have bursts of activity. It's hard to knit anything in wool when it's 100+ outside. Even socks. There -- I said it.

I'm happy with them. I just love knitting with Lorna's Laces, no matter what the colorway. The yarn just flies through my fingers and the stitches end up so pretty. The yarn makes it so easy. The pattern I used called for 78 stitches circumference -- a few wider than I normally do, so they are a little looser than some socks I've made. But the pattern in the yarn spiraled nicely and there was no pooling.

Once again I chose too fancy a pattern with too fancy a yarn. In an ideal world, fancy yarn = simple pattern and simple yarn = fancy pattern. I can't seem to get this through my head. Maybe if I write it down here, I'll remember.

Tomorrow, I head back to work to start the new academic year. I'm ready. I like having my time off in the summer, but I'm usually ready to go back. I can use the structure. As usual, I've started staying up too late and sleeping in too long. I CAN adjust to being a morning person, but it's sure not my natural state.

I've added a few rows on the Piano Cushion since my last post, but not much. I found it disconcerting to switch between the lovely wool of the Lorna's Laces and the unforgiving twine-ness of the Euroflax linen. So I decided to concentrate on one at a time.

So, back to work.


  1. The socks look great, Steven! The spiraling happened so evenly in both socks so they match really well. :)

  2. I think you should wear these to work on your first day back!

  3. Good luck on your first day back! The socks look great and awesome job of getting them finished before heading back to work.

  4. The socks look wonderful -- I always say I don't mind pooling, but I'd really rather not have it!

    Have fun on your first day back at work, and think of those of us who have slaved all summer! ;-)

  5. good luck back at work.

    the socks look great!

  6. Very nice socks! I always do the same thing - fancy yarn, fancy pattern...