Sunday, May 11, 2008

Classics Rocked

I finished the Classic Socks today. I didn't expect to when I started idly knitting this morning. I fiddled with them for a while, then went for a walk down to Lady Bird Lake with Jeff, fixed some lunch, made a weed wiper (courtesy of our local county extension agent's website) so I could selectively poison some irritating flora, did a little weeding, watered some plants, weed-wiped aforesaid flora, took a shower (finally!), and then sat down (many many hours later) to pick up where I'd left off.

When I counted, it turns out I'd bypassed the starting point for the toe decreases by four rounds. That so rarely happens with me -- I'm usually counting and re-counting and can't wait until the "boring part" of the sock is done. A little frogging was in order, but before I knew it, toes were decreased, eight remaining stitches were Kitchenered, and I had new springtime green socks on my feet.

So now I'm in limbo again. I've got some things I'd like to start, but don't have the yarn for them. And I'm not exactly in the mood for shopping for yarn. I'm confident this little block will pass quickly, but until then, I'll be flipping through Ravelry, books and magazines. Oh, and I'll probably get some socks started, if for not other reason to have something going. When I said I don't have yarn, I meant non-sock yarn. As my friend Stephanie says, sock yarn doesn't count as stash. Everyone knows that, right?

Nature note: Today, a turtle peed on my foot.


  1. Great looking socks! You are just cranking out the projects. Janelle & I missed you at MD Sheep & Wool this year.
    Are you going to work on another pair of felted clogs?
    I love that sock yarn doesn't count as stash!
    Have a nice week, Kristina

  2. I think Staci told me that, and I'm all about living by that code! Especially since I can knit socks now. ;)

  3. These socks are gorgeous -- love the colour, and the pattern stitch shows beautifully!

  4. I think I would have had to begin the post with the peeing turtle!

  5. You realize that your new green socks are now "peeing turtle socks" in my mind.

    Cast on for another sock immediately so your hands have something to do whilst flipping through mags and books!

    What about that brick pullover in a summer weight yarn? (Yes, I'm lurking in your queue...)

  6. "sock yarn doesn't count as stash"---HAHAHAHA....I will have to tell my mom that one. The socks look fantastic. I love the texture of that pattern and the green yarn is gorgeous.