Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Say Lozenge, I Say Diamond

Let's call the whole thing bound off. Or the first half of it, anyway.

I finished the first of the pair of Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks tonight. I had one of those nice moments yesterday evening when, thinking I had rows and rows to go but stopping to count, I found I was ready for the toe decrease. All I had to do tonight was Kitchener-stitch the toes. Done!

I took the finished sock and the remains of the ball of yarn to the scale. Yes, you guessed it. 1.9 ozs. each. You would think I live for the danger of knitting on the edge like this, but it really does work my nerves. So I've got a whole sock's worth of anxiety ahead of me.

I'm having some thoughts about the British Checks sweater. The arm (as noted by one of my fellow knitters last weekend) is really quite large circumference-wise. I thought it would shake out with the decreases, but I nearly finished the first sleeve and it's still big enough to fit two arms in. In fact, most of the ginger section has a looseness and bagginess to it that I just don't like. I'm seriously thinking of frogging all the orange parts and trying again on smaller needles. It wouldn't take that long...

I should rename this sweater the biscotti sweater, because it's nearly been twice-baked. In any case, Silas likes it. He's usually a good boy and rarely gets on the furniture while we're out of the house, but every once in a while he gets the urge. And tonight the chair he chose was the one with the sweater piled in it. It was quite warm -- and well-pressed -- when we got home from our walk this evening. This picture was snapped during his perp walk.


  1. Steven, it might be time to start buying more sock yarn - 150 g instead of 100 (or 200!). You'll live longer.

    With the leftovers, you can make matching socks for your nephew! Or a slew of Christmas tree ornaments.

  2. I like when you post pics of feet. Sock-clad or otherwise.

    I also like when you post pics of your blue-eyed boy. Somebody's handsome!

    Uncle C

  3. oh, say it isn't so. you cannot be serious about ripping out that sweater again. i would take to my bed for days.

    silas could not be any cuter.