Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vinnland Complete

I finished the second of the two Vinnland Socks today. In my typical, uneven, start-and-stop style, the whole pair took two months to make. Seven weeks to make the first one, one week to make the second. Special thanks to Julia for telling me that stitch chart had been corrected at the AntiCraft. I really thought I was going crazy, thinking that the "make one"-s and "make one purlwise"-es seemed to be quite random at the bottom of the stitch pattern. Once Julia pointed out that I was indeed not crazy (at least on this issue), I was soon on the way to having the pattern memorized.

I'd definitely recommend this pattern for those who want a challenging toe-up pattern. I did change it a little for myself, most notably using a wrap-stitch short row heel, rather than the short-row method outlined in the pattern, which called for a system using yarn overs. I did this out of laziness and fear -- I already knew how to do the wrap-stitch method, and I was freaked out about the complicatedness of the stitch pattern without wanting to worry about learning something else new. I sought a middle ground which made these do-able.

These socks were fun. They have a heavy, northern look to them. I think it's a combination of the vine-like pattern and the way the pattern weaves around both the front and the back of the sock. I also like how they appear cabled, but aren't.

And I like that I dyed the yarn myself.

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