Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Her Majesty's Socks

I've not been feeling well today and really should go to bed...but...I had the oddest, knitting-related dream last night and I just remembered it.

Jeff and I were part of a massive group of people fleeing some sort of natural catastrophe. I had the feeling that it was a swarming infestation or a type of contagion. I'm not sure which. But it felt more like small crawly insects were involved. We were in a car, driving down a road. People were on the road with us, most of them walking, carting their belongings in wooden wheelbarrows. The atmosphere was one of general confusion and fear. Oh, and Prince William was in the back seat of our car.

For some reason, we were responsible for getting him somewhere safely. We ended up in a small house. It had furniture from houses like old ladies lived in when I was a kid -- lots of blandly upholstered furniture with doilies on the headrests. The three of us, and my friend Tom from college who happened to be there, just sat around chit-chatting, waiting for something.

The door rang and it was Queen Elizabeth and a driver, arriving to pick up her grandson. As they left, I looked down at her ankles for some reason, and saw that she was wearing the ugliest handknitted socks I had ever seen. They were ankle-length, knitted on huge needles for socks, and made out of this swirly purple/green/blue yarn. The gauge was all over the place and they were very saggy. And she was wearing them with those royally comfortable shoes she always wears. It was all I could do to keep from laughing.

Maybe it was a sign that I'm ready to get back to sock knitting? Or perhaps a sign I should stay away for a while longer?

Interpretations appreciated.


  1. i think you're right. time to knit up some fancy socks. maybe it means someone royal in your life needs a pair of socks, asap.

    hilarious dream.

  2. Yes, you definitely need to knit socks for some important woman in your life!

    And those doilies on chairs were called antimacassars -- macassar was a type of hair oil, and they were supposed to protect the upholstery from it.

  3. Antimacassars, eh? The things you learn...

    Glad to hear you're safely ensconced in Iowa, Janna. Maybe it was your post about sock knitting on the public transporation that got me thinking about socks again?...