Saturday, September 05, 2015

Both Sides Now

When I've had a chance to sit down and knit in the past month, which hasn't been often, I've been slowly working on my Shadows and Light v-neck.

I finished the back several weeks ago, following the dimensions listed in The Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. When I held it up, didn't hold up. It was too short. My knitting friends and Jeff all agreed -- it needed another inch and a half. I should have anticipated this modification. My brother and I have a four inch difference in height, but we have the same inseam. All the difference is between my hips and my shoulders. I think I have chunky Neanderthal vertebrae.

So I started the armholes for the front side of the sweater 1.5 inches higher with the idea of comparing later. Much better. So now the plan is to rip back to the start of the armholes and add those extra rows, and then finish up. I'm hoping that I'll have some time to get that mostly accomplished while visiting the in-laws this holiday weekend in north Texas.

I'm eager to get this finished. And I'm eager for some cooler weather. Bring it on, Mother Nature. I'll be ready.